The Nature of the Crown

Video link:

After much anticipation, Iseda ti awon Irun (Nature of the Crown) is now available and ready for you to enjoy!

Nature of the Crown is an unconventional journey through the secrets of nature hidden in plain sight. A freelance philosopher and earth scientist embark on a thought-provoking journey to discover the secrets surrounding the crown.

Web Browser Demo (No Installation Required):

FREE Demo (Windows Only):

FULL Version (Windows, Mac and Linux):

** The FREE Demo covers the introduction to the rest of the novel.


I’d like to use this as an opportunity to thank my anscestors for the knowledge and the strength to embark on this marvellous and self-fulfilling journey.

The end results are beyond my expectations, and I’d like to share this magnificent experience with you amidst all the chaos and hate in the world.


1) What is Iseda ti awon Irun ?: Also known as ‘Nature of the Crown’ is an independently produced audio visual novel for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android that uses high quality imagery, a compelling story, memorable characters and an original ambient soundtrack to take readers through a perspective of nature ‘hidden in plain sight’.

2) Do we get the Android version for free ?: Absolutely. The Android version is currently undergoing testing and will be released over the next few weeks. Anyone who purchases the Desktop version will get the android version for free.

3) Will there be more ? Yes. This is just Episode 1. Episode 2 is already in production.

4) Will the deskop and android versions get updated frequently ? Yes. Updates will bring in new features, stability and even chapters too. As part of our strategy, we respond to all customer support questions and bug reports via our contact us section here:

5) Where can I download the FREE demo ? Here:

6) What makes this visual novel so special ? It tells the story of an investigative experiment that yields some suprising results.

It is a reminder of who we really are.

7) Is there ambient music ? Yes. Specifically selected to suit the theme.

8) Can you bookmark and load your progress ? Yes. The game has been designed to allow you save and load at any time during the procession of the novel.

So what are you waiting for ? Try the Web demo @ and experience a truly creative and independent visual novel production.

If you have any queries on ‘Nature of the Crown’ please contact:


 The Emperor Productions (2016)


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